Bits of the week

A few conversations with Jaylee this week:
On the metro:
"Mom, I assure you I need straws for school. I know you don't believe so, but I ASSURE you I do!"
Did she enter College and not tell me?
Yes, I got the straws.
Today after school:
"Aidan is obsessed with poop". My reply, "That is a fair statement".
Surprised she says, "Oh, so I used the verb correctly?"
What happened to six?


Mary said...

The bar has been raised....Good Luck, hope you can keep up.

patty said...

that makes me want to put my children in the French education system....whenever I have children that is! My friend was in a line for the movie when he overheard a young teenager ask how old do you have to be to see a PG13 movie. Now that's just brilliance.

Peggy Rice said...

Patty, that made me giggle!