When you move to Paris with two small children, the only places anyone tells you to live is the 15th, 16th, and 7th. I'm not going to lie, I wanted the 16th, Mr. Rice won with the 15th and no I'm never going to let it go. I'm like a dog with a bone! However, if I wasn't a chicken when we first moved here I would have ventured out and found the 11th.
Great neighborhood no dog crap in the streets and WIDE sidewalks. Plus a very cool store carOuch.
This piece takes up an entire wall and it was used to sort items as they came into the museum.
Needless to say I NEED it. I just need to talk a certain someone into such a purchase.
This of course is an American antique and if you spent anytime in my backyard you know that I bought two chairs like this one and painted them red. Turns out if I would have brought them here I could made a nice profit from my $20 purchase.
Brandon used to have two plastic hands that faced each other and they held remote controls. During our first years of 'cohabitation' I promptly threw them in the trash when he went to work.
I would now like to make amends and buy him some new ones.


Keith Eckstein said...

Those hands are possibly the creepiest thing I have ever seen (apart from a photo of Margaret Thatcher smiling, that is - that was really creepy!)

Like you, I NEED that museum sorting piece - is a robbery an answer?

Did you notice any alarms?

Would it fit through the door?

How big would the getaway car need to be?

When would be good for you?

Let me know when you want to attempt the heist but (and this is really very important)... don't let anyone else know what's being planned!

All the best


Peggy Rice said...

Keith you are too funny! I say we could move at any pace on a Sunday morning, seeing as most of Paris is not awake by 10:00. Bring a big truck!

Sari said...

I say if you're not living in the 11th, then just buy everything in the 11th! I just checked out that website and WOW! Love the librarie (sp.)/bookshelf and so many other things. What a shopping trip that would be.....and I'm in need of some major retail therapy. Hugs!