That's more like it

I gave you the bad of field day and now I must give you the good.
With the younger ones they did not separate them from their teacher or classmates.
What a difference that makes!
That my friends is a teacher smiling and running beside Aidan as he brings it home! Can I just say the kid rocks at sports. He took that ball in his hands and he was off.
One of the mom's and I quote said jokingly, "Hey, can anyone guess who the American kid is?".

Holding the ball in one hand while running full speed through an obstical course.
Thank the Lord he got the skills of his father!
But in true French style, there is always ONE situation of the day.
There may have been a certain "mum" and I will add she is not a French mum, that had matching team shirts made for three boys. Yes, three boys, not the entire class. Nope, no email to everyone saying, "I have a great idea for the class..." Nay.
So, I may have called the aforementioned mums out and caught the action on video, but Brandon has banned me from posting it.
It went a little something like this:
"What is THIS? Some form of private team you have all formed without letting the other moms know?" Followed by a lot of stammering.
That's okay, I made nine magician caps and there will be nine very happy little boys at the end of the year school play!
USA mum 1, other mum 0.


Carol said...

One year at Easter time (or Spring Party I think it was called) one "mum" made her son's class, Easter Baskets...very cute. I was working and busy with my parents and my kids...so I just did the party thing...I felt so bad for Gregory's class not having the cute Easter Baskets...the teacher told me not to worry about it..most of those Easter Baskets would end up in the trash....I did see one run over in the grocery store parking lot which made me feel a lot better. I asked Gregory and one of his friends about it one time and they said they had no recollection of that..or even of the party....sort of made me feel better. Now superhero capes they will remember!!!

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

Brandon, we want to see the video!! I love that you called them out. I hate women like that.