French toast, a confession and a rant

I had some of this left over.
Thought of the really nice Canadian who brought us this.
Yes, real maple syrup, no additives, just syrup.
So I made some French toast, also known as pain perdu, and as a little side note, pain perdu is normally sold as dessert in Paris.
Go here for the recipe.
It was a hit at our house.
Now, a confession for my friend Jamie.
Jamie and I have been friends since preschool, so we don't have many secrets.
Last week when I talked to her, she said, "your pictures look so perfect".
So in honor of Jamie, who has three kids and works full time, I would like to release the dirty little secret.
When you see photos like the above, they were taken on the weekend, while Brandon is home. Our week looks a little something like this.
That, my dear friend, is how we make it through the week. France has a little store called Picard, that is very similar to the Schwan's man (click those links, the pictures are so different it's funny), but tres healthy (for the most part) and you can generally find them in every neighborhood of Paris. Simple, fast and easy clean up.
Because when I'm running two kids all over Paris and dealing with the elderly on the bus, I can't come home and whip up a gourmet meal.
Ready for the rant?
You know it involves an old person.
After a rather difficult bus ride home today, which involved me balancing and holding Aidan in the middle of the bus, while the elderly and not so elderly sat on their fat asses and watched (yes there are fat people in Paris) just hop aboard bus 42 and you will find them, we descended only to have Aidan lay down on the side walk. The elderly Parisian decided she needed a front row ticket to the show, so she stood uncomfortably close to us on the sidewalk and observed the "American" in action. Then came the French words with the ugly face. I of course said "WHAT!?" with an equally ugly face and tone, to which Jaylee replies,
"She says he will never win tennis like that!".
Of course, the old bitty is scurrying off down the sidewalk now, but then turns her old wrinkled face for one more lob that I don't understand, to which I return a "WHAT?!"
Thanks to my line judge/interpreter, also known as Jaylee, I find out she thinks Aidan is "flat".
If only she would have stuck around for my backhand.


Campbell's House said...

How is it that you always successfully make me hungry? I don't even like French toast... yet I found myself linking to the recipe and bookmarking it! The treadmill sends its love.
So do I!! XO

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

I think that Miss J winds you up and watches what happens..... she is kinda smart that way ya know

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

Go get her girl!!