I used to take ballet

This child was made for ballet dresses.
But, sadly, she does not agree.I even tried my best attempt at guilt and said, "you're breaking your mother's heart," it had no effect on her. I guess I must be Catholic for that to work?
So, I present you with Jaylee's last dance spectacle in Paris.
(Scratch that, technical difficulties, I'm going to bed)
Apparently, she is moving on to piano. I would like to remind you that Brandon is teaching himself to play the guitar. I would also like to mention the cracker box size apartment. Send help!


Mary said...

She looks adorable!!! And Aidan is quite the little runner - very intense.
As to the piano - how about a keyboard? Maybe your neighbor has a piano under all the paintings.

Lis said...

I don't know how much "help" I can be, but I can bring wine and possible distraction?!

Missing "my American family in Paris"!

Email me your number, or I may be forced to camp out in your building foyer :)