The new sister

We have had a visitor.
The kids named her the new sister.She even got Aidan to brush his own teeth. Now, if only she would have stayed a bit longer maybe she could have gotten him to stop wetting the bed!Look who lost a tooth while the new sister was here.
I think all of the above brushing to impress the new sister helped speed the process along.
Brenna, the new sister, also known as Brandon's cousin, left today but we had fun while she was here.She and Brandon spent a day together seeing the city by bike. Who looks that good while riding a bike? And, no I don't mean pretty behind her, but he is cute too.
I of course showed her another part of the city, food. That is my smiling face eating a tart citron at the Orsay Museum and Brenna having a creme brulee. I am blocking out the fact that in less than ten days I will be squeezing my pastry loving self into a swimsuit.
Thanks for a great visit Brenna!

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Brenna said...

Thank you Rice family for a phenomenal time in Paris!