Blonde vs. Brassy

I got my hair done today.
Love the cut.
He was fabulous.
Then he sent me to the "colorist".
I said, "pas orange et pas rouge".
Then I went into what I'm sure was a bit confusing French about how my hair "pulls" red.
"Fait attention, ma cheveux tire rouge."
She must have thought "white-y" was talking crazy, so she did as she wanted.
I saw her mix one color.
I tell her, the best I can, my hair does better with three colors.
She tells me no.
So, I breath deep and let her have her way.
First lesson of the day, learn how to stand up for myself.
Second lesson of the day, the French in fact do NOT do everything better than their USA counterpart as some may believe.
First off, application is everything, and the half ass, I'm all to important to put that much effort into this job does not cut it when dealing with hair. In fact, you may get through the day with
this way of working when employed at La Poste or Le Restaurant, but NOT Le hair salon.
A lesson to my French colorist, this is blonde,
this is BRASSY, orange with pulled red:
In fact dear hair dresser, you knew your "way" was not so great when in fact you said in French, "Ah, you were right, your hair pulls red, is one of your parents a red head?"
I of course can't see it at this point, but when I did get a glimpse of my head and you got my reaction you knew you SUCKED!
Yes, you tried to remedy the situation, by giving me free chocolate bars, and telling me it will look good in a few days and when I go to the beach it will lighten, blah, blah, blah.
But, in fact Aidan's friend, a three year old summed it up best after school:
"You got the sun on your head!"


Carol said...

I am sorry.....I always think you look beautiful and I can't really see the colors that well, but I don't like it when you are unhappy....look at it this way...the sun and beach will mess it up and when you get back you can get it done right.

Love you...


Peggy Rice said...

We go to the beach next weekend, let's keep our fingers crossed!!!

Mary said...

I've seen that look before.....don't let her steal your joy!!
At least it's just color (which can be corrected) and not a bad cut(that has to grow out)
Ya look stunning - go have a wonderful day.
Love ya

Campbell's House said...

I LOVE the cut! I swear the last time i left the salon my hair was green-ish... she kept blaming it on the florescent lighting. Excuse me, but I know green when I see it. I was a mighty fightin' Eagle after all!

You still look awesome! Red or not.

PS- Thanks a lot. When Grita sees your pic I am sure she will start insisting I cut my pony tail off, too!