In my head

There is no theme today, just things floating in my head thanks to all the Costa Rican coffee Brenna brought. I drank my last cup at around 5 today. Bad idea. I am now drinking wine to counter balance the effects.
Good luck following this post.
I bought some new fabric softener and found some fabulous removable chalkboard labels. Plus I had a left over lemonade bottle that I wanted to use.
Just call me crafty.
It sits on top of the dryer, that is on top of the washer, so no children will drink it. I labeled it just in case Brandon ever felt the need to do a load of laundry.
Speaking of Brandon, once we were in Vegas at my sisters friends house (a guy, an Italian guy, that's all I'm fessing up to), and while cooking he whipped out a dust buster and starting vacuuming his kitchen drawers.
I'm not going to lie, we made fun of him for a while.
One day I will learn a lesson and not to make fun of people because it always comes back to haunt me.

Brandon brought that home on Saturday.
Who knew a dustbuster could make a girl so happy.
I cooked with it on the kitchen counter all day.
I would now like to apologize to an Italian man whose name rhymes with RENO.
Another sign, that I may be getting older?
That I now have to look at swimsuits that cost upwards of $100 to hold everything where it should be.
Apparently it costs more, to hold more in.

Brandon doesn't seem to care what hangs out on me at the beach this summer because he says no to swimsuits from Spanx that cost $135.00
I'll let you know how that works out.
Finally, I found a house for sale in Australia that I want to buy, thanks to hooked on houses.
Let me be a bit clearer, I want it furnished.

Anybody want to split it with me?
Brandon said that's assuming we could afford half.
Okay, how about quarters?

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Carol said...

frenchbookSo true...the more they hold you in the more they cost...just a fact of life. Or else the evil bathing suit designer know that we are so desperate that we will pay anything....anything to look halfway decent.

How about we go 1/8's on the house in Australia????