I should have been born in Mexico.
Behold the beauty of my tortillas.
I am learning that rolling the dough while it is a little cold actually let's me get them thinner, therefore producing more "puff".
My aunt always calls me Pegalita.
When I was little I could not pronounce Patricia, so I called her Tia (aunt in Spanish).
See, I was born to be Latin, except I learned how to make tortillas in Paris.


Mary said...

Quite impressive!!!
Yours looks better than 95% of any restaurant.
How's the swimsuit search going?

Peggy Rice said...

Yeah, I've got some "puff" going there as well. I'm shopping for one tomorrow. As luck would have it, I have to put this tortilla loving body in a suit on Friday!

Mary said...

It's all good....life is great in the kingdom

Sari said...

Way to go Pegalita! So impressed! I have to get my eyes checked cause at first I thought it was a picture of your bed taken from far away. It looks so fluffy I thought it was a duvet! These little tricky eyes. :)