DW Bistro

Do you know how much I love Martha Stewart?
I'm sure you don't really care, but stay with me I'm going somewhere with this.
For the record I think it was crap that she went to jail.
I follow her website and use her cookbook weekly.
Martha taught me how to prepare a moist Thanksgiving turkey.
Confession, in college I would stay up until 1:00am to watch reruns of her show.
I'm cool like that.
So, when I found a blog penned by woman who worked with her, you know I had follow it.
Then I saw they did the graphics for a new restaurant in Vegas.
So I sent the link over to my tres cool mom and sister.
The next thing you know they are celebrating Mother's Day without me!
But I did get to join them via this little message.

How great is that?
I love it!
How handsome are my nephews with my cute mom?
So, it's official, I now must visit DW Bistro when in Vegas for some of this


Jenn_Vegas said...

to add to this story Mema told me they went there and i was laughing because there my client!

Peggy Rice said...

It's a small world! I say it's time for a girls brunch next time I'm in Vegas.

diningwith said...

Thank you Peggy for this posting!! We'll see you sometime soon at the Bistro!

Bryce & Dalton
DW Bistro

Peggy Rice said...

I am looking forward to it!