Dates and remembrance

There are many perks about having children in school, and it's not uninterrupted house cleaning, it's going on dates during the day with your husband and not having to pay a babysitter.
I guess that falls into one of the perks of not working as well?
Whatever it is I'll take it. (Sorry, the above photo is for my mother, who wanted a picture, so there it is, roots, shiny face and all)
We did NOT do this.
Brandon thinks pigeons are in fact a "trash" bird and this made his stomach a little weak.
Strictly for medicinal purposes.
Another perk of Paris when you have the day off?
Amazing walks filled with history, art and architecture.

The morning ride with kids on the metro.
Please, pretty, pretty, please forgive my mother, for she knows not what she does.You know the times in life you have to choose between the good and bad thoughts in your head?
I believe this is what they might look like.
I'm pretty sure I should print this and hang it on the front door for a bit of divine inspiration each day.
Mr. Rice, wieghing in on the subject.

Some days you win.
Somedays the city wins.
Somtimes you have to be reminded that absolutely horrendous ugly moments happened in this city.
(165 Jewish children were taken from this school and exported to Nazi camps during the second world war)
The flowers are to celebrate the end of WWII in Europe and to remember those lost.
Here's to victories and thankful for the freedom to enjoy this city freely with my husband!
Photo is from here.

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Mary said...

Love the photos of you & Brandon. So glad you get to spend some time together, see the city & relax.