Confessions of a Mother

  • You produce far more art work than I will ever have wall space for. When I say I sent it to Mema, that really means I threw it away. Sorry.
  • I love the thought of cooking in the kitchen with you, but when we all actually get in the kitchen I feel trapped. Then I pour a glass of wine and get over the mess and crowd and we get along just fine.
  • I would prefer to pick you up late from school everyday just to miss your friends on the bus. When you see your friends you act like wild children and when there is no audience you are pretty near perfect.
  • I laugh every morning when Aidan breaths on me because sadly he was "blessed" with my morning breath. It is a curse for life, sorry Aidan.
  • When you go to school I throw out old mismatched toys and anything that has a McDonald's logo.
  • I absolutely love making cakes and cupcakes for your class. I really do. I just don't like the fact that I wait until 10:00 at night to start the task.
  • When I tell you that your bike or scooter is getting an oil change and the tires rotated I am lying, I just don't want to deal with screaming at you to slow down on the street.
  • I have no idea why you are obsessed with taping everything to the walls right now and I truly hope it ends soon.
  • How you end up with more toothpaste on the mirror than your mouth I will never know.
Jaylee and Aidan, you make my life gloriously chaotic and I LOVE it!


Carol said...

I used to tell my kids that my ears were tired and they just couldnt listen anymore....

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

I thought only Kate Gosslin posted letters to her children publicly. We never speak of these things and now you just outed me..... oh well they are old enough to handle it

Peggy Rice said...

Carol, that is the exact reason I would like to change my name to "dad", it gets used half the time!
Kerrie, just as long as I don't cut my hair like Kate Gosslin I think we are safe. If I do, shoot me:)