Two Years

Two years ago today this family landed and begin it's new life in Paris.
Since that time I have posted 406 blog entries.
Still so many things I want to say and so many more stories I could have told you but didn't.
The people of Paris behave badly often, but I don't want to give them a bad name by ratting them out all the time.
Thank God the good ones make up for the bad ones and I'm tougher than I used to be or I would still be in tears all the time.
In two years time:
My skin is tougher than it once was.
My French is worse than that of a first grader.
My heart swells with pride and love when I look at my children.
I have not missed that feeling of being pulled between work and my kids.
I am not afraid to throw away a baguette if it is not to my liking.
I have yet to find a glass of red wine that I could not finish.
It turns out I really don't like the elderly population of Paris so much.
I've had head lice once and it sucked.
Aidan has had the measles, chicken pox and a surgery.
I've not had to share the bed much, therefore I sleep in the middle.
Jaylee has learned to read in French and English.
I've accepted that my eye twitch is here to stay.
I've fallen more in love with my husband.
I've become an addict of Facebook.
I've gained and lost the same 6 pounds.
Paris has kicked my ass multiple times.
It is clear that I took sunshine for granted before living in Paris.
I've come to really appreciate 8 weeks of vacation, yes you read that correctly, 8 weeks.
I have yet to write my post on French health care versus American, but I promise it's coming.
I've taken a picture everyday.
The good has outweighed the bad.
Cheers and thanks for reading for TWO years!


Cari said...

2 years already? Where does the time go? How much longer are you there?

I love reading your blog, it's always a highlight to my day!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on making it two years! I went back and read about your first month in Paris. You sound different. It seems Paris has rubbed off on you!

Carol said...

Wow..2 years...I still miss you! But what an adventure and I am looking forward to many more!

When do you come back to the states.


patty said...

3 things that I am glad about.

1) I'm glad your liver had the strength to carry you through the rough times.

2) I'm glad you haven't punched any old people but I am very much looking forward to a blog when the time comes that Aiden does.

3) I'm glad that you are here as my heart is warmer knowing one of my best friends is only a train ride away. I know that your family misses you, but I'll selfishly declare that I'd prefer you here to the other side of the pond.

p.s. See you May 7th maybe? You around?

Love you m'ija

Mary said...

Yes, it is truly amazing the progress you have made!!!
You should celebrate BIG by taking on one of those old harpies.
Very, very, very proud and happy for all of you.

Peggy Rice said...

Thank you ladies!! As for our return, I'm not sure. I assume Pretty will just show up with a bottle of wine and pop the news:)