A good laugh

I was going to blog about the old French witch on the bus that did not appreciate my stroller wheel touching her "mariner" and how I had to have Jaylee translate what she had said to me after my folded stroller wheel touched her "very nice mariner" because I was juggling two backpacks, two kids and my purse, all while standing and her fancy ass was plopped in a chair. After hearing Jaylee's translation, I might have said very loudly, "Well, she'll get over it!" and she may have turned and given me a very ugly glare from her sun leathered, wrinkled old face and then exited the bus at the next stop and given me a "Bauf" (that's French for ughhhh) as she exited.
But, rather than going it all that I thought you may get a good laugh out of this, because we certainly did.

Happy Weekend
If you are surfing the net this weekend, stop in here, it's my new favorite, and he's a dad! He has a great site where he sells his art as well. I see a present in my future.


gg said...

love this video. that's one of the worship leaders at our church. really neat guy.

Peggy Rice said...

That is too funny that you know him! The kids watched that video 3 times:)

Jennifer said...

This was so funny! Great to watch on my lunch break...I hope you are having a great day!!!!