Granny bags

No, I'm not bagging on old people today, I'll save it for later...
As you can tell from this blog I like pictures.
You have probably guessed that I like old stuff too from my love of flea markets in Paris.
While I was surfing the net tonight Strawberry Lemonade, had a picture of a purse that my grandmother used to carry ALL the time.
There was not a time I remember her with another style of bag.
Lord knows how many she had.
She also had great coordinating hats, that I was lucky enough to get and smart enough to bring to Paris.
Why did I bring them to Paris you ask?
Pictures of course.
My satellite of a head is too large for them, but I thought it would be fun to get pictures of Jaylee with them in front of the Eiffel Tower. With her pink cowboy boots? My brain just spins with this stuff.
So, when I saw the girl with the purse, I thought I MUST get one from eBay and have Jaylee wear it as well, and then of course I could use it too (they are very cute and I love that the bottom is hard).
I told you they were cute.
They are called Enid Collins bags and they were made by a ranchers wife just outside of San Antonio, my Grandmother being from Cotulla and a ranchers wife as well did her shopping in San Antonio, hence the plethora that she owned. You can read the whole story here.
You can imagine my surprise when I found that they go from $90-$300!
So, South Texas people, if you find yourself driving by a garage sale or The Salvation Army stop in and look for one, get it cheaply and CALL me!


Mary said...

Are you kidding me????? I was sitting on well over $5K of these #@*things and gave them away!!!!!
Will see if there is still one amongst the relatives & send it to you.
Love the idea of Miss J in boots, Grannys hat (& hopefully a Collins bag) under the Eiffel Tower.
Love ya

Carol said...

Ms. Collin's niece owns the Peachtree Cafe in Fredericksburg and her sister or aunt was the owner of "Hamburger Heaven" in NYC in the 40's and 50's.....Audrey Hepburn/Holly Golightly meets Sally Tomato there in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"....Who knew they were collectors items....

Here nephew, Jeep Collins, makes very cool jewelry....

Can't wait for the hat picture...try to watch Funny Face...I want Jaylee with balloons and one of those hats.

Love you,


Campbell's House said...

Meemaw and all her sisters used to carry them, too!
Heather also fancies them and has collected a handful over the years. They are tre cool!