Statistically we stink

When Aidan got vaccinated for measles there was a 5% chance that he would get a full blown case.
We were the 5%.
As you know I opted not to vaccinate for chicken pox, and as you can see from the photo, that was a good decision.
Now Jaylee, she was my first child and as a new mother I shot her up with everything possible, again to quote our friend Jeremy, "In Texas we like our kids injected with as much as possible, just like our meat," I think that is so witty.
When Aidan came down with the chicken pox two weeks ago, the Dr. said there is a 10% chance she could get them.
Well, this morning on the way to school, this happened to her
A bird pooped on her head. It's supposed to be good luck, at least that's what I told her.
Tonight getting in the bath I see her "chicken bites".
That's right, 10% chance and we've got them.
After Jaylee finished her crying about missing school, her friends and the spelling test (yes that's right, she cried because she wanted to take the spelling test, odd) she had one question.
"Maybe that bird had Chicken Pox?"
So, as I was making peace with my future for the next week or so, I was ready to drown my sorrows in a whole bag of bugle fromage chips and stalk facebook I found the BEST news ever in a "status update". A blog that I had followed and LOVED has come back! The Painted House Blog is BACK. I so hope she puts back up the pictures of her house, because you will love it! Those photos are like the Domino magazines, you just can't throw away. The news stopped me in my tracks from eating the whole bag. I may even take a bath now and sip some "bonne nuit" tea and stalk her for a while, because trust me, I will spending some time at home.


gg said...

poor babies and poor momma. i can't imagine. do they make caladryl in paris? :)
i just discovered "the painted house". i love her too. do you know about "the lettered cottage"? she's one of my favorites. i am very much a "blogaholic".
cheers to great blogs and chicken pots. hope tomorrow is better. -grace

angela | the painted house said...

oh, my gosh, Peggy! I am so honored to be in the measle-butt-bird-poop-chicken-pox post!!! That is HILARIOUS--uh, not about your poor children, but the collection of themes here. :) That naughty French bird. I hope all fares well at your house with all the ick. But thank you so much for the sweet mention!!!!

Sari said...

Hang in there my friend! I will be praying for a quick recovery. I thought you'd be drinking some "bonne nuit" wine. :)

Mary said...

The hits just keep coming!!! Keep the caldryl,oatmeal baths,wine,& patience flowing and go into survival mode.
Love ya - M