First things first.
Dear Jeremy,
I know that header is annoyingly large, but I just can't seem to fix it. I swear I'm working on it.
Now dear readers,
If any of you are savvy and would like to send some help my way, go ahead and push that "email me" button over there to the left. Jeremy and I will forever thank you.
Thank you.
Now on to the second matter of the day.
When I began reading the BOOK, I assumed I was to start working on each "problem" at the end of each chapter, so I did. I finished the book today and it turns out that I was to start once I finished the book.
Note to author, how about you tell us this at the BEGINNING of the book.
However, Miss Jaylee, well she's like her mother, sometimes the details escape her, but she keeps on going.
It is testing time at school this week. Just in case you are not up on your French school system she is in CP, which is equivalent to First Grade in the States (she turned 6 in December), and they do a week of tests here. Let me be the first to tell you, they take it seriously. There is one Grandmother on the bus in the morning who quizzes her granddaughter and Jaylee on the mountains of France, how old they are, which is the highest and what towns you travel through to reach them. The kid may know mountains, but she cannot mind her grandmother to save her life and in return for this behavior her grandmother calls her "stupi", that is French for "stupid".
She didn't read the book.
Anyhow, in addition to French Mountain ranges, Jaylee is supposed to know her addition tables 1-20. That is laughable. People, the list goes on and on. Rather than freaking out about what we don't know, our addition tables from 1-20, we are focusing on what we do know, one of the two poems that she was supposed to memorize.

How do you like that backdrop?
She made it herself.
Mad art skills, I give her a 100.


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

She is amazing, must be the parents!

Cari said...

That's so impressive! You are such an awesome mom Peggy!

Carol said...


What a beautiful accent!

La grandmere est stupi!

And I love the new header...though it was sweet looking at you all.

Love and Hugs to all,


Carol said...

Quelle poeme?

Grita said...

Very nicely done indeed!!!!! I love the accent too.

Mary said...

IMPRESSIVE!!!! Artwork too.
Mom and daughter should be verrrrrry proud of themselves.
Hope the "bites" are few, small and not itchy.
Love ya