Okay Friday came and went, but I'm still not finished with the book.
What can I say, Aidan went back to school on Friday and a sushi date with Katie complete with a 1/2 of bottle of wine called my name louder than the book.
Here's what I have learned so far, Aidan is far more obedient than once thought and he CAN use the restroom all by himself.
The book is worth it just for that alone.
Now when the kids tattle on each other I tell them to tell it to the chair.
Amazing how quickly they really don't care to tattle when it's to a dirty white chair that's in
need of a serious new uphaulstry job.
Finally, I don't get to spend that much one on one time with Jaylee lately so we worked on fixing that.
Jaylee and I have been reading Alice in Wonderland, illustrated by Mary Blair,
that she got for Christmas so we went and had a unbirthday tea party together at Dalloyau. In pure Jaylee style we hit Office Depot after for a new pen and eraser. This child's love for office supplies is like nothing I've ever known.

So that's it, I have some more reading to do, but I haven't lost my mind yet so life is good.
Here are some more good things I've seen lately:

If I had an extra 95 euros I would buy myself this globe, just because I love it. Plus it would help if the store ever opened. This was taken through bars outside the store and a lady walking by asked me if I was opening the store. That should tell you something of how rarely the store is open.
I don't generally love roses, but I am loving the color orange right now. Plus these are from the "rose guy" at the market, after two years I braved the "locals", meaning the neighborhood old ladies who can be down right brutal, and took my place in line and bought these beauties for a mere 6 euros. Why not a coordinating bottle of wine?


Carol said...

My Aunt Carol loved orange roses....she had them in her yard in San Antonio....Jaylee gets her love of office supplies from me...there is nothing like the smell of pens and paper...love you!

Mary said...

She looks like a really happy camper, I say she should have regular trips to office supply stores.
Wine & Roses...think there's a song 'bout this.
Love ya.