Is it Friday yet?

I'm here to tell you the book should be called have a new Parent and Child by Friday.
Just for the record if your child is an ass, it's probably your fault, at least that is the case at our house.
It is hard work actually parenting versus giving in to every little cry just to get a little peace and quiet.
Monday's lesson is the most important and for me the most difficult, say your words once and walk away.
Easy enough.
The problem comes when you live in a cracker size apartment and the sucker grabs onto your leg like an octopus and won't break the suction.
So half of our first day was spent like this until I figured out that saying it once and then taking a prized toy and placing it on top of the dryer works better in a pint sized apartment.
By the end of the day, if Aidan could verbalize really well, I believe he would say something like this:
"What the heck happened to that pushover mom I had yesterday?"
It is amazing how quickly kids can turn it around, don't worry auntie Kerrie according to the book older kids too, it just comes with more verbalization versus crying
I suppose.
I also learned something else from this little book, that makes you look at yourself as a parent:
Are you RESPONDING are REACTING to your child?
Even though I might react differently than other parents on the street, an example you say, okay then, their kid is throwing a fit at the park or on the street and they respond with an equal fit of screaming and yelling at the child, only this time it is coming from a grown woman and she REALLY looks like an ass. My method of reacting? Getting down on their level and making empty promises of a grand spanking coming when we get home, which in turn really means that you will be visiting time out once we hit the door.
So, since Monday there has been no yelling or empty threats coming from this momma, just a LOT of toy taking and walking away and my little man is getting the picture.
Sounds easy right? Well, this is what I looked like at the end of the day yesterday,

This is me helping Jaylee with homework after dinner. Notice the empty glass? Spring has sprung in Paris and my head is pounding, my teeth are hurting and my eyes are itching after a whole lot of this,
Brandon sent me to time out last night after this and took over bath time, story time and dishes. I took two Benadryl and filled that empty glass.


Ang said...

I know how you feel. I started reading this book and trying his way this week too. Hopefully it will work for us! Keep up the faith. By the way, I enjoy reading your blog! A friend told me about your blog before I moved to Paris and I'm still reading it 9 mths later!

Peggy Rice said...

HI Angela, I would love to know how you guys are doing! Plus it would be fun to meet for a coffee now that the sun is actually showing it's lovely self in Paris. On the blog there is an envelope, click it and send me an email. Here's to Friday!

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

It is almost friday Peggy and I am wishing you a new child and some relief. I will be checking out the book myself since the woman making an ass out herself yelling would be a description of me. Hmmm I toast a glass of wine to you. Cheers

Carol said...

Believe me....it is much easier when all you are taking away is some toys....it will be A LOT harder when it is the car keys.

My moment like this was when just after Evan was born and we moved to Ohio and I realized Richard would be working ALL the time....and it was me againest 3 of them...all of whom would be bigger than me at some point! Stick to it girl...I am so proud of you!

Love Love Love


I found a pillow here in Fredericksburg that says "I love you more than yesterday...yesterday you really got on my nerves"....it is embroidered on a pretty pillow and I have to have it!!!!!!!!

Peggy Rice said...

Carol I need that pillow!