All in a days a work

Okay, I said I would never do one of these post, but he made me.
The husband that is.
On the phone this evening our conversation went a little something like this:
Husband, "you sure do get a lot of comments on facebook"
Me, "yes, it's my contact with the outside world and adult conversation during the day"
Husband, "sounds like a bunch of moms who don't work"
(by the way, this conversation took place during the day or I believe some would say the work day hours)
That's it, shall we take a tour of my nonworking day?
We made an apple cake, such a simple recipe and so good! Jaylee was there too, with every question in the book. Why does is stick like that, look at the color change, sugar really is good...

My helper would lay an apple slice and lick his finger every time. I figure with the chicken pox plague at this house no one is coming over anyway. What's an apple cake without a little cream and sprinkles?
This is as close to a nap that she ever got. The girl can talk, a lot. She has always been my quiet one, not anymore.
During this brief rest I made this,
I love the pioneer woman.
I had turkey breast and they worked just as good, and as long as I'm telling you my day, I went ahead and made the whole recipe and individually wrapped the ones I didn't cook and put them in the freezer, you know for one of those days, I don't feel like working.
Then we did a bit of work on those addition tables,
We will visit this one again tomorrow, turns out when she's counting, she's not talking about every known story from school.
I found this one on a french website, but this one is also good.
Let's not forget oatmeal bath for the kids, cleaning the bathroom, well because Aidan has crap for aim, but he's doing it by himself, and last by certainly not least dishes and laundry.
Then because Jaylee is obsessed with the human the body right now and did not believe me that "giants" were real, we had to watch this, she believes me now.

Then we had to watch the longest legs, the shortest man, tallest woman, longest finger nails...
Now I'm off to pack Aidan's lunch for tomorrow and surf blogs and facebook, because a girl needs/wants/because I can, a little adult contact now and again (all be it virtual), you know because I DON'T work.


patty said...



Carol said...

You are better than I was...I used to hear that remark...and it sure pissed me off....

We are still in marriage counseling ;-)

Only in my day it was I sat around and watched soap operas and ate bonbons....

love you,


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Brandon, you can be a schmuck sometimes. Will definitely be making the apple cake but not sure about the chicken. I love how she calls it "light" with a pat of butter atop each leg. Pretty sure that cancels out the yogurt and baking. Ya I am cleansing again so I am just jealous of real food! You need a vacation and remember if it weren't for bad luck some would have none at all.

Brandon said...

I may be a schmuck, but I definitly married up! And I have beautiful kids!!

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Brandon, you are absolutely right, you did and have..... way to save it I knew you weren't a schmuck, just spoke before you thought.. Love ya

Mary said...

Mmmmmm....Mr.Schmuck forgets so quickly what it was like when he did your "job" for 2 days. Sounds like he needs refresher course.

patty said...

I checked out the pioneer woman blog, I love it! Thanks for sharing.