Shop talk

I read a lot of blogs about places to go in Paris, it's how I find most things, even though I live here.
Many blogs told me that this place was the BEST place to go in Paris
for fabric, yarn, you know everything you could get at hobby lobby, except double or triple the price.
Yes, it's cute, but that love affair ends quickly.
Because if you think you are sticking your little paws in one of those jars without a sales person, you have got another thing coming (by the way, photos are forbiden, they don't want you to see what mind numbing labor looks like).
You must wait.
You must wait behind the person who has one lone earring in her hand and she and the sales lady must open every jar and finger every bauble just so until they decide, that no, no that one is not the perfect one and they move on to the next jar.
It is painful people, painful.
Why someone would not sell prepackaged sets of say 12 escapes me, you know for the people who actually have other things to accomplish in day.
But, by this point you have waited so long and looked at great eye candy,
if you're into that sort of thing, you wait your turn and vow never to return.
Just ask Katie, she was with me on that dreadful day.
My advice skip this all together, get what you need at Hobby Lobby in the States and head over to Au Pied de Cochon.
So, today when Jaylee and I set out on her last day home with chicken pox, I headed to a little store that I read about on Carnet de Paris (which she was the one brave enough to take the above photos, not me, also the below photos are hers as well, batteries are dead in the camera), without getting my hopes up and knowing that if it sucked we were leaving!
It didn't suck.
It was great.
I was after Japanese tape, have you heard of it, birthday present and a baby shower present?
I found all three.
So, two stores actually three, one has another store across the street, all are filled with unique items and friendly sales people:
and Petit Pan
So worth a visit.


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

I put in an order at happytape .com. Thanks, just what I need to help with scrap-booking and finishing the Paris album. You got to stop posting this shit. I guess I shouldn't complain since all I had to do was click and it will come to my home. Have a good one, maybe they will get it in at Michael's .

Campbell's House said...

I agree! Stop it! I hate scrap booking but I love all the little crap one must buy to do it. Now, I will be forced to buy Japanese tape. We all know what will happen to it: It will wind up in the box with all the other scrap booking junk until Campbell is about 5, discovers it, and begins crafting her little heart out- a la Grita and Brentley style!

Peggy Rice said...

I don't even "scrap" and I had to have it! I'm thinking Easter eggs this year:) Also, I like to know I'm not the only one!