Not your average Yogi

I signed up for a Yoga class after Christmas, I thought after all those years of watching yoga while I drank my coffee in the mornings I would be pretty good.
I'm not.
It is much harder than it looks.
Today, I went back after being home with sick kids for what seems like an eternity and it was even harder than I remembered!
When a woman tells you to put your knees on your forehead there is a moment that you think, "Okay and then what?" and the answer is nothing. You rest there with your knees on your head and it actually feels good. Then she takes it one step further and tells you to point them to the sky, to which I laugh, because I do that when I'm nervous, but I do it and it turns out okay.
Today, when she told us to do these things and hold it for what seemed like an eternity I had to go down and she says, "That's okay, your in a different place after being home, you'll work back up to it".
She's right about one thing, I am in a different place!
When we were laying on the floor doing breathing exercise and she told us to imagine the space between our skin and 10 inches above our bodies, I'm pretty sure my thoughts were not the same as most Yogi's.
So as soon as I heard the word "space" the only thing I could think of was the song by Dave Matthew's, Space Between, yes, I have a video:

All I could imagine was me with all the words floating around 10 inches above me.
Weird huh?
I'm pretty sure 9 out of 10 "Yogi's" don't do this.

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Carol said...

Maybe they do! I am glad you are back at Yoga...it is soooo good for you.