Rainy day funnies

Jaylee is our meteorologist of the family,
"Mom, it's going to rain EVERY day of April."
Well, March has been prepping us for April.It rains for a while and then let's up long enough to let you run to the store.
Where after two years the cashiers have come to like your children and make them oragami boats while mom packs up the groceries.
Now that is love.
We got more love today from a random French woman at the produce store.
I was deciding between strawberry packs and reached for the smaller one, seeing as the kids are about done with me and my strawberry addiction.
To ensure that I was making the right financial decision she asks the lady inside if it's by weight or container. Then she reports to me that it's about the same. As I reach for the carton of my
choice, she says, "ah, ce ne sont pas fran├žais"
I smile and kind of shrug and she smiles too and in words I'm not totally sure of says, yes the ones from Spain are better now.
The afternoon got even a bit sweeter when the cashier who never speaks to me, to encouraged Aidan and I to try the Apple from China.
I'll let you know what we think of the Shanghai Pomme tomorrow.


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Campbell's House said...

I'll be thinking of you while I am eating Poteet strawberries this weekend at the ranch! I am even thinking of making some jelly next weekend. Much love!!