Loving it!

I got a new application and yes, I am loving it!I am a human radar for Spring. My eyes are burning and itching and I have had a runny, sneezy, nose since we returned from Chamonix. It sucks my body hates Spring so bad, because I love it. Now if only the freezing temperatures would exit, I will be set.
Wednesdays are my days with Aidan while Jaylee is at school. When we started story time almost 2 years ago (anniversary coming soon) he and his buddy were wild and I received the stink eye from the librarian multiple times, now he's such a big boy.
No, this is not my building, but I can dream.
They just don't make water fountains like they used to.
One cool coffee date.
Showing the bathroom a little love.
Loving my Hipstamatic application.

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Carol said...

Love the pictures....I know this sounds crazy, but have you tried local honey....supposedly it helps you build your immunities to whatever is around you...Paris has a lot of Almond tree and the bees would have been using that pollen...that is the theory anyway.

Sorry you feel crummy...Evan has been having blood pressure issues and the doctor decided it was his allery meds...so he is trying the honey and saline washs for his nose.

Love you sweetie...and Librarians never give the stink eye...it is called the arched eyebrows of death!