Never ever

When we went to the Agriculture show Aidan was dying to see the pigs. Then we saw them and like everything else at the show he was not sure about being able to see them that close. Normally Aidan is all about this kind of thing.
Something has changed my little man.
Later we watched a cow being milked.
He would not let us leave until it was over.
After it was done he declares, "Me no like cow's milk ever, ever, again. It pee pee, booby milk".
The boy has not touched his beloved cereal or drank a glass of milk since.


Anonymous said...

What a sweetheart :). He's right isn't he? It is pee pee booby milk!

patty said...

that just made me laugh out loud! what a cutie

Peggy Rice said...

You guys he is still refusing milk, he is one tough cookie:)