chicken bites

Aidan had a restless night last night. He came to our bed and had a case of the wiggles so I put him back in his bed, I lied and said I would be back, he didn't forget.
Since Brandon can wake the dead with his snoring I took my pillow and headed out.
This morning I crept out of bed and took a shower preparing myself for a morning of coffee and an afternoon meeting with the English teacher and then perhaps a museum visit.
I'm a silly girl.
Seems I slept with a chicken last night

Who bit Aidan.But he doesn't seem to mind.

Poor guy doesn't realize those "chicken bites" as he calls them, are going to start itching soon.
Cheers and I do mean that come 8:00 when I tuck this guy into bed!


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

I see a bottle of calamine lotion in your future! And sock gloves

Mary said...

This little guy can't catch a break...yep Kerrie is right, you'll be using calamine & sock gloves. Oatmeal baths are good too.