House envy

I have spent a lot of time in this house today and sadly for you all I have many more to go.
I would like to go ahead and change over to this HOUSE.
Click all the links, it is worth it.
I have been known to leave a house or two and nickname the people "bed in a bag" (don't ask why, I don't know, I think in my soul I'm a frustrated designer or just evil, I can't decide, maybe both) I would NOT do that at this house.
Just so you know I almost divorced Brandon once when he bought an unauthorized purchase at Costco, otherwise known as a "bed in a bag", to make it worse it was a Princess bed in a bag and the comforter had glitter sprayed on it. Jaylee loved it and it DID go on her bed, so at time I was a "bed in a bag" kind of girl.


gg said...

thanks....as if i need more blogs to follow. i currently follow 91 (including yours). :) as a designer i follow a ton of design (especially DIY) blogs. cute new pic. on your blog, BTW. -grace

Carol said...

No...you are not evil...fustrated designer...I loved the living room and dining room...

How is Adian doing?

Love ya,


Peggy Rice said...

Grace, I'm going to send you more links, I'm hooked!!
Carol, this poor kid is covered from head to toe, there is even one inside his eye! He was very surprised to find one on his "ZZ":)

Carol said...

That is the way I was when I had them....I had them in places I didn't know I had ;-)

Can you get Aveeno there...that sure helped my kiddos....

I spent six weeks in 1990, from the middle of March to the end of April with a child with chicken pox....we lived in Ohio at the time and since it was Mud Season (in other places you call it spring) it was just as well...first Greg, then Ryan and then poor little Evan.
And you wonder WHY do I have gray hair!!!

Love you,


patty said...

i looove that house blog. i dont think ill ver buy anything new again!