Seeking warmth

Its cold outside, and the little dirty secret about Paris is very evident when the temperatures dip this low.Wishing everyone a peaceful, warm night.
**Sorry, I was unclear last night, this is a homeless man in the metro with all of his belongings beside him while he sleeps. I put all the hearts around him, because it is a little trick that I learned while doing facials and massages from a fellow friend. When you do body work, you can tell if someone is sad, angry, struggling or just a down right mean person before you ever touch them. So in order to help them and protect yourself, you visualize pink hearts falling down on them. There you have it, the next time you are faced with a difficult situation, just visualize hearts falling down on them.


Sari said...

What's that a picture of? Did you notice the specs are heart shapes? Please elaborate.

Peggy Rice said...

Sorry, I hope the info helps. I was so tired last night, so I cut it short:) BTW, I loved the snow pictures.