My day started like this.
I step off bus #42 and say, "It smells like vomit out here."
Take a few steps and look down at my coffee cup.
Apparently bird crap smells like vomit.
Something I could have lived the rest of my without knowing.
As sit in a parent/teacher meeting, conducted all in French and of course I've had no coffee, I look out the window and it is SNOWING.
I must say it was pretty.
Turns out the market is near empty in snow. The day is looking better already.Thinking sunny thoughts. Now is a good time to admit that I did NO research on the weather in Paris before moving here. But a snow fight in the park after school with friends makes everything better.

Here's an insiders tip if you ever move to Paris:
Snow covers dog poop, use extreme caution when playing in the snow.


Mary said...

You look adorable!!! Love the purse you're using.
At least you had a cover on the coffee.......could have been really,really bad if you took a sip.

Carol said...

Italy is always sunny if you are from England ;-)

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

North Idaho, no snow... Paris, snow... huh who would of thought. It is down right balmy here...... Love El Nino, although apparently the gov't just makes that up. Not Justinism but a Gloriaism. I think she is worse!

Peggy Rice said...

Thanks Mom and Carol, you put it in perspective! Kerrie, between Gloria and Grandpa we could start a blog just posting what they say:)