Since Jaylee was young I have looked at manipulatives.
Something about that price always held me back.
Well, I did math homework with Jaylee tonight.

jaylee homework
I should have bought those, a LONG time ago.
So I had to think quickly.
Seems I have a lot of these around:few a these
Worked like a charm, however, I am aware that the cost of all those corks could have easily purchased some of the aforementioned manipulatives.
Insert a tiny bit of mommy guilt here, not too much though, because the homework was driving me to drink. I am assuming my mother did not have the pleasure of wine on hand when I was growing up, because I never memorized ANY math tables. It's okay mom I forgive you.
What it looks like when I'm in charge of the corks:
counting corks
What it looks like when Miss J is in charge of the corks:cork man
To any of you who may homeschool I salute you.
I would be drunk all day.
We are starting early with this one:sorting early
Looks like I have more manipulatives to produce.


Carol said...

Sweetie, the corks work just fine...I am sure she is not the only child in France who does her math homework with wine corks ;-)

My kids always said that homeschooling would really suck...and then they would look at me and apologize but I had to admit...it would have really sucked.

Love you,



All she needs is some blocks...legos, bien sur you have some of those chez Rice?

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

Thanks for the link, I had no idea what a manipulative was!! Homework is a daily ass kicking, and we are only trying to do it in english. God bless you!!