Life with little ones

Aidan loves to be with me at every moment and I do mean every moment.
It is not uncommon for him to sit on my lap while I urinate.
Uh, yep, it's just easier to pee in peace, trust me on this one.
This morning as I got ready he says,
"Mom, what you doing?"
To which I reply, "Putting moisturizer on".
"Mom, you booifull" ( That would be beautiful in Aidan's Aussi/Brit/French accent)
After that I didn't even care that he wet the bed AGAIN last night.

Walking home from school Jaylee says,
"Someone must have lost a tooth at school today."
Why is that?
"Because we saw a Petite Souris running out of the canteen today."
*A little French back ground for you if you don't already know:
Petite Souris = little mouse
There is no tooth fairy in France, a Petite Souris comes and gets the tooth.
Canteen = ridiculously expensive lunch room


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Peg, you are booiful, that boy is right. now, as much as your private school costs you, it should be rodent free!

Sari said...

So sweet! I think boys are the sweetest little things on earth, but I'm a little bias since I have three.

Carol said...

On Aidan...I had one like that....he would lie outside the bathroom door and sob....now he lives in Minnesota...go figure! Little boys are sooooo sweet. La Petite Souris is all over our school...gotta love old buildings.