A little game

One of the most populous or second most populous cities in the Americas, depending on who's counting.
An estimated 19,899,559 people in 2009.
Extreme wealth and extreme poverty side by side.
The city is third in the world for number of buildings.
Can you guess what city Brandon was landing in?
I forgot to mention the airport is in the middle of the city, amongst all those buildings.


Carol said...

Rio de Janerio ?????

Brenna said...

My guess is Såo Paulo, Brazil. What did I win? ;-)

PS: The photo of you guys in front of the mural holding hands is phenomenal!

Peggy Rice said...

Brenna takes it for the win! Email me your address and some French chocolate just may appear at your door:)

patty said...

Get him out before Mardi Gras starts!

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

I had to look at the comments and cheat, because I didn't know.

Dad said...

Mexico City had 19.8 million population in 2008.

Rio only had 13 million.

Dad said...

and the airport in smack dab in the middle of the city !!

Dad said...

San Paulo, eh ! Gotta go there sometime!