3 boys and a girl

We had some friends over for last night.
Since Brandon made the comment, "Mommy is taking the week off", in reference to my lack of enthusiasm over my "domestic duties", I decided to skip my museum day and clean the house.
Let me show you what 3 unattended boys and 1 unattended girl can do to a freshly cleaned room:

I should have gone to the museum.

On a completely different subject.
Is Michael Buble looking good these days or what?

Happy Weekend.


Anonymous said...

Michael Buble... wouldn't mind bumping into him in the grocery store!

Carol said...

where does he shop?

Jennifer said...

I love Michael Buble! :-)

The pictures of the kid's room looks like they had a LOT of fun!!! :-) Creativity is not always "neat".

We might be heading your way in July...I will let you know for sure!

Peggy Rice said...

Ladies, I think he is looking very Justin Timberlake, without all the drama:)
Jennifer I will be soooo excited if you do!