Heart filled weekend

NO harm ever came from showering your family with love, sweets, heart shaped cheese (it's France and yes its good), personalized chocolate and heart shaped pancakes topped with whip cream from a can.
How cool is that bread from Poilane? Don't even get me started on that cheese, too cute and it was good as well with the fig compote. As for the pancakes I used this recipe, my first time to ever make a pancake without my friend Bisquick. I must say, they were good, but if you have Super Target with Bisquick on the shelves, you go right ahead and add some red food gel and call it good.

Jaylee and I found a flea market this weekend and officially started our collection of globes. Would you like an insiders tip on getting a deal at the flea market? Take a cute six year old! Ten Euros, for that light up globe. Ah, but don't get too warm and fuzzy, Jaylee and I read a sign from one of the greatest dealers of vintage letters I've ever and his sign read:
"Retour au USA"
I gave the booth owner the evil eye and he gave me a shrug.
You can't win them all.
Well actually, I do win this one.
I'm from the USA where we do things like this and I'm proud of it!



Carol said...

Love the globe! And it is always good to be sweet to the ones who love you....I made Julia Child's Beouf Bourgounion (spelled wrong) and it was yummy!

Be well dear friend...it is 29 degrees in De Soto and we still have 5 inches of snow on the ground!

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Peggy they have some great little globes at target. I saw them the other day, along with a whole bunch of Paris decor. I will send one soon as I am sure you guys are in need of a care package from home. I am thinking a wax pot?????? Love to you all.