Where's my purse?

The kids and I get downstairs this morning and I reach for my purse only to find it was not there.
Insert curse word here.
I search my pockets hoping just maybe that I might have put the keys in my pocket.
Insert another curse word here.
Jaylee says, "Mom, that's what I was trying to tell you!"
Yes, we had one of those mornings.
I ring up to Mimi's and she buzzes us back up and we call for a locksmith.
And wait and wait and wait some more.
Three hours we wait.
Mimi, has three cats.
I'm VERY allergic. Perhaps, all the alcohol that I normally ingest at her house makes me immune to it, but at 8:00 in the morning the port is not flowing.
Can you say sneeze?
Need I remind you that I've had two children?
Insert yet another curse word here.
(Gentlemen, if you don't understand this, just ask your wife)
So after three hours, the phone rings. The locksmith has had a wreck.
Luckily the neighbor from downstairs, Jean, comes up with an xray.
You have no idea how handy an xray and a bottle of cooking oil are until you have lived in Paris.
They open doors like a charm.
Jean says, "Eh, I'm no Mac Gyver,"with a slight grin.


Carol said...

Qu'est-ce que c'est un "Xray"?

Peggy Rice said...

I guess it works like a credit card. You slide it through the side of the door with a bit of oil, push and pop the door is open!

Carol said...

Cool...I think...maybe you need one of those...