We have jet lag.
I thought the kids were finished with it last night, so I did not drug them.
Bad idea.
Both of them were up from 1am to 4am, therefore I was up.
However, unhappy about it, they did go to school.
Aidan was pulled kicking, screaming and crying from my arms.
Luckily one of the moms said, "Don't worry, they are used to dealing with jet lag at this school".
The day just kept going...
I waited for the DHL man, he never showed.
I go downstairs, mind I was home ALL day, and there pasted on the door, the DHL delivery attempt notice.
Dear DHL,
I had a few things I could have gotten done today while the kids were at school.

So, with two kids in tow I head to the store.
While I'm paying and trying to sac the groceries the cashier says, "Madame".
Confused I look up and reply,"Oui?"
Knowing my French sucks she looks to the window with a raised eyebrow.
What do I see?
Aidan standing outside the store shaking his hips and sticking his tongue out.
A tired Jaylee looks at me with no emotion what so ever and says,
"Aidan is outside."

They are both drugged and sleeping.


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Peggy, I have to say, you being home is good for us Blog readers. You have more posts in 3 days than 4 weeks. I never realized how much I love your Blog. Just to let you know, I do I do I do. I hope the sleep gets better and the vodka is smooth!

Peggy Rice said...

I love you Kerrie!!