I gained a few pounds in the states.
I have no idea why.Perhaps it was this plate? What is the purpose of the salad with ranch and a taco?
Let me give you a bit of advice, if you find yourself in Vegas and want a buffet, don't go to the Monte Carlo. It was not my choice, but I didn't seem to have a problem loading and reloading a plate. One more bit of advice, don't get the taco. It sucked.
Now, the ranch, I'm not going to lie, I still think it tastes pretty good.
Now let's talk about this. Yes, that is a bowl of butter. Why a bowl of butter? Well, I was having crab legs after my taco and salad. Doesn't everyone eat crab legs after a taco and salad? I was looking for a small ramikan to hold my melted butter, but never found one. So, I did what any warm blooded American would do and poured myself a bowl of butter. Viva USA!
NO, I did not eat it just like that, but I had to have a picture of myself with a bowl of butter.
Let me introduce you to the rest of the plate:
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Hush Puppies
Fried Shrimp
Boiled Potatoes
Fried Clams

I'm no quitter, I had dessert too.
Yes, that first picture you saw, it was mine.

What happened in Vegas, did not stay in Vegas, it stayed on my Gut!


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Peg, way to go. You will walk it all off in a matter of a week or two anyway. That is what I am jealous of. I will have to check out that buffet when I go, I am thinking very soon!

Shelley Lynn said...

Peggy, so glad you are back home and that you were able to see so many friends and family! I know what you mean about being torn between two countries, I've decided the perfect solution would be two residences and travel between them during the prettiest seasons. I always bring a spare tire back with me after a U.S. vacation, I think it's mandatory! Wish I could have seen you all too.

Carol said...

Was the ranch dressing lo-cal...that makes all the difference!