Things of Beauty

I dropped the kids at school today and could have gone home and attended to the laundry.
I could have stripped the bed that Aidan wet last night.
I certainly could have gone and started on the pile on my desk.
But, I decided to take a detour:
How's that for amazing beauty?
That is Galleries La Fayette , a French Department Store.
Simply a work of art.
I walked through racks of Dior, Bonpoint, Burberry and Gucci, for KIDS!
Ladies, there is an entire level of shoes for you as well.
Each floor out does the next.

All of this under one amazing roof.
Since I did not pick up a mini Burberry Trench for the kids at a mere 390 Euros, yes there is a Gap section, but it loses it luster up against the others, I decided on breakfast for 10 euros and this view:


Fifi Flowers said...

Beautiful way to shop!

Carol said...

Macy's on Herald Square was never the same after Galleries Lafayette!

That is the Opera correct?

How much is 390 Euros in real money?


Mary said...

When I revisit we are going there!!