Loving this

My mom got me a present.
I sent her a link and voila she made it happen.
Mom's good like that.
Well, my mom is good like that.


Would you like one as well?
Well, my mom can't send you all one, so go HERE, to Little Brown Pen.
While your at it check out their Blog.

I'm not going to lie, it is a bit difficult to put together but so worth it.


Mary said...

Could you please point out I got you the calender not the wooden figure? Thanks Sunshine - have a great weekend.

Peggy Rice said...

Yes, the boob wine holding object was a gift from Pretty. What can I say the man loves boobs? I did link to a calendar not a wine holder:)

Peggy Rice said...

The wine holder was a special gift from Normandie. I take great pride in the art work of the French!!


nichole said...

Oh, this made me so happy! It looks fantastic.

Some people have trouble getting it straight, but yours looks great. ;)

nichole said...

BTW, I really like your blog header.

Campbell's House said...

I love your mother! The first thing my filthy mind zeroed in on was the glaring aureole! hahahaha!
Calendar is super cute!

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

I am ordering one. I have to say i love it!