Brandon sends me multiple emails during the day.
Many, I do not open.
They usually have something to do with me doing a task for him, that actually he is much better suited to complete.
I named myself rubber.
Whatever, he asks me to do, I just let it bounce off me right back to him.
The way I see it, he had a vision of how he wanted it done, so might as well let the man do it.
Don't worry, this is not a confessional to Brandon, he knows how it works.
He keeps sending the emails, he's persistent that way.
This week he sent me an email and then came home and asked if I checked out the link he sent me.
Er, hello, remember I don't open your emails...
He mentioned something about listening to free online music.
I may start opening more emails:
I've been cleaning and listening to music all morning.
I think he finally found a way for me to be productive.
He's not only persistent, but tricky too.
And what's a post without a picture?

Cutest morning commuter around.


Kerrie said...

Thanks for grooveshark. Now it is bookmarked. What a beautiful girl too.

Jennifer said...

She is so cute! I love reading your blog!!! I even read some of them to Page...have a great day! And also, have a cup of coffee and pastry and wine and walk...etc for me!!!

Peggy Rice said...

Jennifer now that is a job I can do!!!

Dad said...

Grooveshark is great!! Thanks Brandon!
Keep up the good work Peg!

Luv U