No, I don't have a sex addiction.
I'll leave that to these two:

No, mine is much less complex.
I'm a lover of butter.
These guys should have tried butter first.
Its yellow, creamy, sweet and salty good little self, would never have written a tell all book about them nor sent a text to their wife.
I'm telling you, butter it's where its at.
Katie and I are BIG fans of David Lebovitz and she tracked down this butter and was ever so kind to get me some as well!
I tracked down the wine he highly recommends and was not disappointed at all. I also got a bottle of the white, but it's chilling for a special afternoon when Katie and I have the perfect goat cheese and salmon to be eaten at the exact same time we take a drink of the wine. I am under strict orders from the "wine guy" to enjoy it just so.
He winked and smiled the whole time explaining this process so who am I to disobey?


Cari said...

My mom is addicted to butter...Emma says to her "Mamma W...how much butter ARE you going to put on there??" Now, Emma thinks she needs as much butter as Mamma W! haha!

Carol said...

I have always viewed bread as a carrier for butter! Sweet butter on dark pumpernickel bread...heaven! Butter on biscuits...heaven...

I am like Julie Powell...when the meteor is going to hit the planet in 30 days...the butter binge begins.

Love ya


Peggy Rice said...

Cari, your mom and Carol are invited over anytime:)

Jennifer said...

I LOVE butter! Real butter is all that I buy...I figure that it has to be better for you than all the horrible "tubs" of stuff that are sold! Enjoy your wine and cheese...one of these days we are going to visit Paris...possibly soon....or at least we are discussing.

Kerrie said...

Butter is the bomb, just ask Gramps! Margarine will give you cancer, which is a fungus. To much time with Mr. Rice