It's cold here!
My kids now have that old story, you know the one:
"When I was little I used to walk to school, well more like 2 bus changes and a walk, in the snow and rain barefoot!"
It even snowed on us a little this morning.
The French are tough, we Texans, we are not.
I asked Jaylee if they went to Stade (stadium) and she simply says, "yeah".
They stay at an outdoor stadium for 2 HOURS!!!!
Even funnier she tells us tonight that she played the goalie position.
Um, did the teacher miss the fact that she has bifocals?
Nothing like a ball and kids coming at a kid with bifocals and depth perception problems!!!


Dad said...

Great hairdo Jaylee !!

Keep up the great Blog!

Luv U all

Dad, Pappa

Carol said...

Sounds like a city childhood...as Bill Cosby said "I walked 2 miles uphill in the snow to school...both ways!"

Hope you have woolie underwear!