Fun application

I am not good at putting my camera in my purse everyday, I want to, but with schleping around snacks, wallets, checkbooks the size of a small spiral notebook (why France why), it just seems like one more thing to carry in my purse.
Have I mentioned France's love affair with the checkbook? If both kids need a check for school, don't bother combining them on one, they will each need their own check! Can you order your own check books and keep them at home?
No, non, not possible.
You must go to the bank where all checkbooks are kept and ask for it very politely.
I'm stepping down from the bank rant now, thank you for listening.

So how happy was I when I saw this new application on another blog?

I love a good Polaroid without all the bulk:)
Would you like to know what else is making me happy these days?
New readers stopping by this little blog!
The maker of my very cool calendar, stopped by and left a comment, I'm putting it right up there as a celebrity moment.
Now let's talk about FifiFlower's who left a comment.
Anyone who paints a picture of my favorite chairs is okay with me!

I bought two chairs exactly like that when we lived in Texas and with blood, sweat and tears sanded them down and repainted them bright red. The whole time Brandon and my cousin Chris could not understand why on earth a woman would waste her time like that:
"You know you could have just bought new ones at Home Depot, for a lot less time and money".
My point is now proven, no one sits down and paints a picture of a crappy Home Depot Chair, they paint a chair with history and character.
I'm certain Fifi and I would friends in real life.

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Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Bummed I can't have and iphone. I love all the apps. Oh well, the paintings are all beautiful as well, to bad all the ones I like are sold! Did you see the ballerina one, looked just like the picture Brandon just sent me of Miss Jay! Bonsoir Kerrie