Pick one

My intervention came and it only costs me 150 euros.
150 Euros for a new cord.
Which took him about 2 hours to figure out.
Whatever it's fixed.

I awoke late Wednesday night to burning joints all over my body.
Apparently that is what it feels like when you are turning into a farm animal.
When the Dr. got to the house, he looked me over, from a distance, asked me a few questions and then announced I had Grippe A (flu A h1n1).
No test needed, just divine knowledge.
So I could sprout a tail

Or a beak.
As for the kids, well the good Dr. just left our house again and they have bronchitis.
He gave me a note saying they can return to school on Wednesday.
This sucks!!!
Thank God Brandon came home Thursday night and has been taking care of everyone since!
Come to find out he CAN cook. Not only can he cook, but he cooks really well. He made a chicken soup from scratch with the help of Rachael Ray. However, he questions how one is really supposed to get it done in 30 minutes.
Till Soon,
Oink, Quack


The York Family said...

I hope you and your family gets to feeling better soon, sweet girl!

Carol said...

You can do it in 30 mins if you have a staff that does all the shopping, prep and cooking!

I hope you are feeling better sweetie...Oink!

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Peggy so sorry, telling you I will have Gramps load you up on Immulin when you come home. Stay rested and enjoy 900 sqf with to sick kids. I will pray HARD for you, and remember wine makes everything better.

Mary said...

WOW...Brandon is really loading up on Love Deposits!!!
The 30 minute meal involves a kitchen a little larger than 15sq.ft and of coarse what Carol said about a staff.
Hope everyone is healing FAST.

Jon Van said...

You have H1n1?!! Everyone is freaking out over here in the states about it... And you say/write it so calm.

I gotta go wash my hands.

Jon Van said...

And hope you get to feeling better.

Washing hands again.

Peggy Rice said...

Thanks guys! Today is day seven and I am finally starting to feel better!!! Jon you crack me up:)

Carol said...

I hope you are feeling better...isnt your birthday coming up?