Send help!
My phone, TV and Internet are out.
There is a holiday in France tomorrow, so today apparently seemed to soon to get it fixed.
The kind gentleman on the phone promised "intervention" Friday.
I hope they send in back up, because I'm going to need an intervention as well!


patty said...

Have the kids build a fort in the living room. They will think it's the best! Especially if mom lets them eat lunch in there while she read them a book!

Mary said...

Take the kids and your laptop to a nice hotel with pool, order room service, relax and enjoy. Brandon won't mind, just call it a "Love Deposit"

patty said...

hahaha. i love your mom.

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

I hope it is up soon, I miss your posts.I need a brake from fb.

Carol said...

No intervention yet?