Go ahead, you can laugh

I would like to take a moment of silence for one of my favorite neighborhood stores that has closed it's doors. See that sticker on the door? That is the elephant chalkboard that hangs in our bathroom, OK water closet.
My silence is Brandon's joy. Now, what's a girl to do when she needs new flooring in the entry and she has no car to pick it up? She BECOMES the car.

I took this picture on the move, because it was raining and my LOAD was a bit unstable! I look like an ASS, but I thought I would share. I made it home. That flooring, NOT light, but no worries my trunk size is good.
My flat ass finally came in handy!
Happy Friday, I'm taking the car in for some work, seems the dome under that hat could use some work.


Cari said...

You crack me up...I can't quit laughing...

Carol said...

The DOME under the hat or the DAME under the hat????

That is the kinda crap I had to do in NYC...no wonder I left.

Love ya,


Sari said...

I love your interpretation of your Parisian adventures. I think your car deserves all kinds of pampering necessary to keep doing all you do.

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Lmao. Seriously Peg who is going to put in the flooring? Rob sherpa is here in the states and you know how well Brandon's hand signal french is. Good luck. Love to you and counting down the days.

patty said...

I'm pretty dedicated as an interior designer and I've moved lots of heavy things but this is full force driven. Exactly how many blocks did you carry this? You make me proud! :)

Brandon said...

I see a second trip in your near future!! Better fill up the car!!

Jon Van said...

Ok. I have checked three days in a row and no new post. What up? Is there a quota of comments you need for each post before you move on? :)

Here is mine:
Cart looks too small for stuff in it. You seem to be managing it well. You are looking very stylish with your hat... iPod... super cool boots...and denim coat. The fashion police had to of been impressed.

The York Family said...

Never a dull moment. Thanks again for the laugh!