Bubble Girl and Grimy Germ

In my extended family there are two crafty kids.
Bubble Girl and Grimy Germ (aka Rachel and Alec).
My kids watched this video three times.
I am now replacing our hand towel with paper towels thanks to Bubble Girl and Grimy Germ.


Brandon said...

My hands are now clean!! All I needed was another tick!!

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Someone told us to sing Happy Birthday twice so Robby and the rest of us have now been doing that. I like the paper towel thing out but I change my hand towels everyday. I already go through 4 rolls of paper towels a week in the kitchen. I would have to buy stock in bounty! Love the video and when the kids get up I will make them watch it.

Peggy Rice said...

4 rolls? You are a good woman. I don't change the towels the everyday, you've seen the size of my washer:)