Makes you want to smack YO Momma

Don't worry MOM, I'm not going to smack you, but the recipe that I am about to give you, COULD make you want to do this.
Does the whole world use that phrase or just the south?
Whatever, get ready for the BEST chicken of your life.
It is turning cold here and I'm getting scared so I needed comfort food.
When I lived in Costa Rica my host mom always made a chicken that made my mouth water and I never left a bit on my plate.
When I found out the name of this chicken it was far too late, the damage had been done.
My host mom paraded me around town happy as a clam:
"Mira, se engordita" (look, I fattened her up)
That she did.
I'm only going to claim 10 pounds, but it could have been 15.
The name of that chicken: Pollo en crema (chicken in cream)
Last night I found a version of it thanks to Jamie Oliver. He doesn't throw in yucca, carrots, onions and other yummy veggies like my host mom used to, but you could. He also uses milk and not CREMA, so don't worry about the 15 pounds, I mean 10.
I didn't have cinnamon sticks or lemons on hands so I sprinkled ground cinnamon on top and omitted the lemon all together. I didn't measure the milk, I just covered all of the chicken pieces and let it do it's magic in the oven.
Click HERE for the recipe that will make you want to smack YO momma or Kiss the Cook (I got a kiss), whichever you prefer.

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Kerrie said...

Um, I believe dessert was also to be a part of that post Sister. I made bread and chicken noodle soup yesterday now I need something for today. Why I am no Martha Stewart I am cranking up on Rachel Ray. Look out Peg! Love you and miss you