Let's face it, no one does Halloween like the states.
We are GOOD at Halloween.
Our people are fun, we are not afraid to laugh at ourselves and others, our kids aren't scared of EVERYTHING, and we have no problem going door to door and asking for candy.
FaceBook/crackbook was the best today with all the photos of everyone and their kids at parties (insert homesick here).
My mother was even tagged in a picture at a bar, in a costume, as a witch! Looking good!
France has knocked the fun out of my kids.
When your grandmother is dressing up and you're not, there is a problem!!!
Jaylee refused to humor me this year.
She walked out of her room plain clothed! NO princess dress, wig, hat, nada, nothing.
She announced she was Hannah Montana.
She didn't even want to participate in the Halloween festivities at the American Library.
So we carved pumpkins at home while listening to my newly download Zac Brown. Thank you Kerrie for reminding me.
There was fun.

There was danger.

There was an injury

There was even trick-or-treaters.

Yep, the door bell rang and I assumed it was Mimi, as did everyone, so a happy Jaylee runs to the door and then returns with a puzzled looked.

Me: Who is at the door (the door is still open, I just can't see who is there).

"I don't know it's just a bunch of Africans."

Me: What??

Being the stellar mother that I am letting the child answer the door alone and all, I thought it best I go and check it out.

What do you know, 5 little trick or treaters with their eyelids turned inside out and NO COSTUMES!


I'm telling you, we do this holiday the BEST (This post makes me smile).

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Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Love the pumpkins, and the 5yr old with the knife! Hope to have you back in the states by next Halloween, that is my prayer. Then we will get those kids all dressed up and the proper candy high they rightfully deserve( along with the candy hangover). Love the Zach Brown my sister, it is my new favorite! Love to you all and I told Jody she better become a follower.