Dad in Paris

At long last, the trip of my father, his wife Julia and their son Illya (I am not one of those girls that call their dad "Daddy", those girls scare me).
This is Passy bridge in Paris, it is an amazing bridge to take pictures under, there was even a photo shoot there that day.Thankfully he does not wear a fanny pack, but he does have a man bag. Very metro. They also did a day trip to Versailles Chateau, this would be the day that I hung out with Illya and found out all about Illya's dad;)They were busy, so busy in fact that Julia had to have a new pair of sandals to avoid any more blisters. Paris is not friendly to feet. Notice I have three pairs of boots in the rotation of every photo ever posted on this blog. God love Italians and their ability to make a great shoe!All kidding aside, she looks nothing like me (duh) and everything like my other siblings!!!! This little one did not make the trip, but I had to share, seeing as we are twins and all.
It is a bit frightening seeing what you look like on a daily basis through another persons lens. I swear in my mirror my hair and face look SO much better. Thank you Paris, for the I'm worn out look.
Goodbye from your tour guide extraordinaire.
Enjoy your weekend and Thank You for becoming a follower! Brandon says I'm begging.
I ain't to proud to beg.
See you back here on Monday.


Carol said...

You look beautiful and tres chic!

I am glad you had a good visit with Dad & family!

Happy Halloween!!

Love you,


Peggy Rice said...

I love, LOVE, love Carol!!!!

Dad said...

Thank you Peggy for another GREAT post!! I want to say again that we had a "fantastic" time and you were so kind and gracious to us considering your hectic schedule. We look forward to another visit in the near future. Tell Pretty (if I can call him that!) that I really enjoyed the "Canadian" night out, rain and all, lol !
I LOVE you !! Dad